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My father who is 73 years old love to fish inshore saltwater inlets and freshwater rivers. He needed a simple no frills jon boat.

He purchased the Tracker Grizzly model 1448 at the Bass Pro Shops in Myrtle Beach SC. He purchased a brand new 25 hp Yamaha outboard motor to power this jon boat. The boat was rated for a 25 hp. Within three months the welds in the floor began tho pop lose.

The manufacture rewelded the boat. The welds broke lose again. The manufacturer (TRACKER)revoked the LIFETIME WARRANTY that they advertise so strongly. Eventually all the welds in the floor broke and the boat was useless.

What good is a warranty if you do not have to stand behind it. I have spoken with many Grizzly owners. It seems that the models with a factory aluminum sub floor do not have this issue. Or at least you cant see it because the sub-floor covers it up.

I would never recommend a Tracker to anyone.

They do not stand behind their product.

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Both my trackers have pro welds. I own a pro 175, which is over 10 years old, and also a griz 1448 with a sub floor\factory installed.

I would purchase another tracker- I question was your boat taken care of? :)


Every manufacturer occaisionally produces a lemon. I had a new mec optimax (225 hp) that blew up twice the first year.

Sold it and it blew up again. Yet, 9 years later they are still rated as the "most dependable" outboard.

You should have taken your boat and warranty to a law firm. Walked away with a new free boat.

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