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We Purchased a 2006 PT 175 from Bass Pro with a 5 year warranty. The seats are ripping apart at the seams, all the threads have broken.

The rod holder compartment lid does not shut properly and has caused the cheap carpet to tear completly loose and even rubbed a large portion of the adjoining wooden decking so hard it has splintered the wood.Even with the warranty Tracker marine refuses to take care of it. Also the bilge pump has burned up on two different occasions.

Anyone who is thinking of buying a Tracker product should extensively research all the problems this company has had. Once you buy it they dont care.

Review about: Tracker Marine Group Warranty.

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I Bought a 2012 Nitro z9. When I got it home I found a hole in the carpet, the bolts that hold the front pedestal seat and rear fishing seat were missing.

The right side lights on the trailer were loose and about to fall off and there were other items that they were supposed to adjust before I left that they did not do.It took a month of arguing with them to get them to agree to replace one small portion of the carpet that probably cost them $20.

After reading all the horror stories about tracker marine I am going to put my boat up for sale. I have had it in the water one time.


The topic seems to be more on quality vs warranty. I own a Pro crappie 175(2000} and I recently purchased a 1448 Griz.

Have had no real issues with anything, the crappie is garaged and looks like it did the day I bought it. Side console has small cracks between the gauges, from me!


baught a 16 griz and the welded alluminum keel has cracked after only a year. it is under warrenty and they wont do anything. now i have to fix the whole thing my self even though its their shotty work.




I bought a mako bay boat from Bass Pro Shop. After only five months I noticed rather large cracks in the top of the transom.

I tried several times to contact tracker service dept. to no avail. They will not answer the phone personally and will not return my messages. The manager of bps tells me that he cannot help and is not responsible for the tracker service department.

I would just take the boat to them if I didnt live almost 3 hours away.

I've heard so many horror stories about their warranties that I'm probably better off just fixing it myself. I will never buy another tracker marine product.


:( I bought a Tracker 14 Topper with live well and in just 7 months I was having pinholes on both sides of the bottom.

Now Tracker Group is saying that they don't cover corrosion.

They advertise the boat on their website with 3 years warranty on structural damage and they also say that the green paint protect it from corrosion. BS !!!


The 5 year warranty is on the motor.

Tracker Boats stands by its warranty or they have mine. Tracker is the #1 Aluminim Boat in the world. The 175 TXW is the best boat I've had.


I purchased a new Super Guide V 14 from the dealer in 2004. The live well pump was broke right out of the box.

It was cheeper to replace it myself then to drive 200 miles to get it fixed. All of the decals on the boat are coming off. The boat is only 5 years old and has 39 hours on it. I had to put $500.00 in the outboard last year.

They told me that it was out of worenty even with less then 30 hours on it. As for the decals, they will sell me a kit to replace them but it's out of my price range.

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