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tracker marine group will will not stand behind there product you have to fight to get ant help

my keeener 19vx hits the trailer crossmember upon loading and unloading witch damages the hual they just want to say ramp is to steep your not loading right they can come to the ramp anytime they would like and show me or just fix the trailer the center to bunks are to far apart and at the rong angle they sent the a roller but the bout still hit the center cross member so watch out buying a boat under the tracker marine group

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Monetary Loss: $20.

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We are retired seniors who took out a home equity loan to purchase a 17' Tracker blind duck jon boat w/ 25 hp motor and trailer for recreational purposes. Upon maiden voyage it leaked considerably to the top of the battery in battery compartment.

We were shocked. the boat has been in for repairs 7 times in the past 15 months for that and a number of other major's a jon boat!!!! Now there is a significant leak that has not be able to be fixed because of a design flaw and they are dragging their feet hoping we will go away. We do not feel like going away with a $10,000 design flaw.

We are now working with the BBB and Attorney Generals Office. We thought we were buying from a reputable boat manufacturer in Springfield, MO ...BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


Hey Zammit you should have purchased the lift and you would not have the blisters. All boats will get hull blisters if left in the water.

Also learn to use your spell check it will help you in being taken serious. sponge spounge coming comming I'm I,m Actually I wouldn't expect you to know how to care for a boat.

Lost Creek, West Virginia, United States #11353

I,m pissed My 2007 189 Nitro sport has blisters in the gelcoat all over the hull bottom. Tracker won't cover it.

My cost to repair $5,300.00. Stitching all comming out of the seats. I will be takeing legal action.

I have also commisioned a web designer to develop a web page with pics and Invoices.

Your product is garbage Tracker. I have also purchased a lift to keep the spounge out of the water.

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