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I bought a brand new Tracker V16 pro-guide WT in March 2006 in may 2006 there were welds that started cracking.

I sent it in for repair in september and got it back the following March. Tried it in April second time out taking on water except this time way worse then before.

Long story short I fought with Tracker and the BBB in Springfield Mo. (which is next door to Tracker) until may 2009 and was no further ahead. Finally they agreed to repair the hull again at the cost of $10760.00 as a "good faith gesture" and all warranty would be revoked. I argued for a replacement hull, and that I would transfer the complete interior from my boat.

All I wanted was a new shell (worth $2500-3000). They refused so I refused letting them repair the boat and finally went through my insurance. I know of several other people that I fish with that are having the exact same problems with the same model boat and are receiving the same treatment from Tracker and their insurance will not cover them because they (insurance company) have had to many claims with Tracker and insist that it is a manufacturers defect and to go after them.

I am glad I got out of it and took my losses while I could. Never would I buy another Tracker or Marine group product.

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I own a 2006 tracker pro guide v-16 the welds in hull have cracked and like everyone said tracker will do nothing about it. DONT BUY A TRACKER!!!


4 month old Grizzly center console sprung a leak. Took it back and was nice as could be.

Took bass Pro over two weeks to figure out it had to go back to MO to get fixed. Tried for two weeks calling tracker and they won't return calls. Finally my Bass Pro found out for me. It's been in MO for 4 weeks and they are saying the repair will take 1 more week then two weeks to get it back to me.

Worst Customer Service I have ever heard of.

Should have listened to the reviews. DO NOT BY TRACKER.


I bought a 1997Tracker 16 ft. Pro v from an individual last fall and when I took it out for the first time this spring it leaks something terrible .My wife who is my fishing partner will not go out in it anymore until I get it fixed.Can anyone in OH.till me of someone who can repair this boat.

Thank you in advance.

Please send in comments to


have dealt w/tracker marine for 23 years. never heard such a tale--that was true that is and could be validated.


Tears in the Hull, Cracked welds. Boat gets repaired by Tracker but always handed back to me with new Cracked welds.

4 years, 10 leaks, 12 months or so in the shop.

Warrenty expires in march 2011. I'm screwed.

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