Humble, Texas

we have a 2007 tracker boat.It has been in the shop more than on the water.

We have repalced the switch 3 times. It would not start first day we took to the lake. The upholstery is all reaping at the seams. The trailer boards are all rotten and falling off.

This bost is barely 3 years old. We have been out maybe 10 times to the lake. The tanks are taking on water now. We boat this boat at Gander Mountain in Corsicana, TX.

No one wants to stand behind the product.

Its a LEMON!

It is a Suntracker20'Party Barge.The Suntracker from *** is what we call it.

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Sacramento, California, United States #1063073

I bought a 22' Fishin Barge new from dealer two years ago.I am interested in the class action suit.

My transom came apart. Tracker had to send me a new boat it was so bad. I was without the boat for 6 months. I have tires going bad with very few miles on them.

I now have water in the gas tank problem. It has been a bummer.

When it does run, we have a good time but with all of the issues, I don't recommend SunTracker.

to Foggy Branson, Missouri, United States #1108187

I have the same boat 2013 Fishing barge.Toons have water.

Water in gas.

Tires bad!!!

Rogersville, Tennessee, United States #859068

Sorry should have read my post this is jack48 the defect is the gas tank it was full of water. When a shop has over 12 boats with the same defective tank they need a recall

to Jack48 #1056013

I bought a 2016 fishing barge and at 10hrs had to replace my engine mercury stepped up and replaced it but they wont tell me how water got in now I have a new engine but scared to even use it they put on a water separator and moved the vent line up on deck now im trying to figure out how to get a bottom sample before I take it out, when I stick my tank something is blocking it from going to the bottom.

to Anonymous #1169268

Let me know how this worked out for you?I bought a new 2015 24xp3 Fishin barge with 2014 200hp Verado, it was a demo with 12 hours on it....

I never put gas in the boat, had 1/2 tank from dealer, got it out on the lake 7 days after purchase had water in fuel. Dealer sent a mechanic to my house, cleaned water out of filter, and I advised he needed to drain tank and put new gas in, and run for 20 min with no faults before bringing it back... He brought it back with a full tank of gas and said he drained tank and ran it for 20 min with no errors. I took it out on the lake 2 days later, before I got past the bouys, water in fuel alarm again.

I'm extremely upset at this point, at a minimum I want a new tank, fuel lines, external fuel separator, and documentation in case I have any future engine trouble... The engine never sputtered or ran bad, but I never really got above an idle as both time is had it out, I never got past the bouys!

I'm 3 weeks into this purchase and still have not been able to use the boat!But paid for 2 lake trips!

Rogersville, Tennessee, United States #859064

I have a 2013 20' fishing barge never had a problem went out this past Saturday and barely got out the no wake bam it quit got towed in seemed to be out of gas only took 10 gL out of 31 , still no start.Yesterday took it back to basspro shop it's a defect in the design they had 5 bad ones on the floor 5 more I.


Now I have to wait a few weeks to get it fixed.They have to intention on notifying boat owners that stinks just last week I was 22 miles away from the dock

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada #700206

Well, I have spent the last three hours reading up on all the issues with Bass PRO Shop the their Tracker.I was considering a tracker 16 ft pro fishing boat that is 2010.

It's new, never seen the water and was won by the gentleman. Now I understand why it's never been used.

I guess buddy is going to have the boat a bit longer.All I can say is thank you and good luck.

love older boats
Chicago, Illinois, United States #691724

the pontoon is not the problem 1st you should have looked to make sure you bought the right year newer pontoons are made different around 2000 they started making the decks out of 7ply plywood and we all know water and wood don't mix.the older type 2000 and earler have a deck made from aluminum.but its a older boat and made isn't better.

Park Rapids, Minnesota, United States #673738

I have 2010 purchased in 2011 new tracker targa and have been into the shop numerous times for the tires wearing out.They have replaced the tires 2 times, now they tell me that i have under inflated the tires, so they will not replace them again, i now need tires again for the third time.

They r completely bald again (about 2000 miles per set on tires, i am pissed..(i have kept the pressure between 43 psi to 49 psi.) The trailer has been alligned and it is still not right.


Hey Guy's,

I'm looking to start a class action lawsuit.

I would need everyone info. Address, date of purchase and a record of all the time it's been serviced.

My friend is a corporate lawyer and says we can defenatly take them on.

Will be linking a website shortly.

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