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New boat cover

mark p Lfg

I purchased a new Tracker boat last year it was a 2017 Targa v20 combo and I need to get a new cover for it would like a price please return my phone call at 904-622-**** my name is Mark plotner thank you

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Diagram on a 2002 tracker grizzly 1748

Michael C Mtx

I have a 2002 Tracker Grizzly 1648, ss # US BUJ0916*-***, on the back I have solace on the right and a place on the left with a center in between them for gas can and battery, want to know if I could cut the tops out to make storage r is it fill with foam, and does it have a support running across. Please let me know if u can do that r email me a diagram if I can. The cuts with b 15 “ by 20” please let me know

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Fishin barge 22DLX

Brandon F Dfy

Is the drivers console the same on the 2017 and 2018 fishing barge? Wanting to purchase the couch in front of the console for my 2017.

The option wasnt available until 2018 models.

Need to know if consoles are the same. Thanks.

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Package only sales

Josh D Wqv

I would like to buy the grizzly 1654 sportsman and already have an almost new engine, I have been told by bass pro and my local dealer that thus model was a package deal only and that I would have to pay for the engine that I don't need. Is this true or can I buy hull and trailer only?

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when will I receive the 500 dollar gift card

Breelynn Awz

I purchased a Sun Tracker 22 DLX from Capt. Bub"s marine in Lakeville MA.

on May 15,2017 and waiting for the gift card which was promised to me with the purchase of a new boat.

I would like use it before the summer is over. Thank You

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Device attached to cup holder in front of left front fishing seat

Alasdair Yfk

I just purchased a new 2017 18 ft bass buggy, but no one told me what the 2.5in x 2.5in rubber device that is attached to the cup holder on the left side of front gate is for. Can you please tell me.

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How do I add oil to my gas tank?

Lamar Ksc

I have a 2009 Suntracker Bass Buggy with a 2 stroke mercury 50 hp engine. How do I mix the oil for the gas?

Before I put the gas in the tank? Or can I just go to a gas station, find out how much gas I put in and then pour in the oil ration of 50-1 into the gas tank?

Thanks this is a new boat and I have never done this before. Mary Ann Miller

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